The Loner

Revenge isn’t always sweet…

Five years ago, Clint Branch’s wife and son were murdered and he’s been on the vengeance trail ever since.

In his thirst for revenge, he hunted not just their killers but every killer who had a price on his head.

It’s not long before his way of life sickens him, but when he tries to start afresh and leave his way of life behind him, he realises that it’s already too late.

Everywhere he went he was known as the bounty hunter with badmen slinging lead his way and whole communities questioning his motives and character.

In an attempt to escape this judgement, Clint tries to lose himself in the vast hinterland of the West, and eventually arrives at the Arrowhead ranch in Kansas.

It was there that he realised that he was not the only one to suffer from the violence of the times.

There’s a woman and a boy who need a man, and Branch himself has two aching voids in his wearied heart.

He can only hope that things will work out for once as he fights big odds with impassive courage and a fast gun.

Or will his quest for justice ultimately cost him his life…?

Either way Branch is hell-bent on a quest that will send him into legend either as a hero, or The Loner

Praise for Clinton Spurr

‘A classic gun-toting adventure that will transport you straight back to the old west’ – bestselling author Tom Casey


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