Sunset Showdown

With love comes happiness, gangs and gold.

Sunset Town was a haven of the West, but Mayor Birch has the monopoly over his newly founded settlement, as Captain Jonathan West discovers on his arrival.

A life of trapping and farming becomes lonely without a wife to share it with, so Jonathan signs up to Mrs Dams mail order bride service.

Will his mail-order bride from the East bring more than just happiness?

After West’s close friend Sam stops coming around, West pays him a visit. He discovers something that could change his life forever, although Mayor Birch will stop at nothing for a shining piece of the action.

The flame-haired Rose is ready to leave her life for the West but is clueless as to how her past could catch up to her. Having played a role in the death of two criminals, could she be the object of revenge?

The trouble brought by each character brings a storm to the once tranquil Sunset Town. But who will triumph in the final showdown?

Pioneering Press is a western imprint of Endeavour Press – the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We publish new and classic westerns by authors from the US and the UK.

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