The Savage Hills by John Glasby

Five strangers ride into Benson…

They separate on the edge of town and do not meet again that night. They find rooms in different saloons and hotels. They eat alone.

The robbery is to go down as one of the most daring in the history of the West, and the subsequent manhunt one of the most dramatic the territory has ever seen.

Bone-tired, hungry and thirsty from a fruitless night chasing trouble-making Indians, all Joel Fergus, Marshal of Benson, and his posse want to do is drop into bed when they return from their chase.

Fate interferes when Joel hears three gunshots and rushes out to find that the bank, holding a fortune in gold, has been robbed in broad daylight.

Furious at the sheer audacity of the raid, Joel vows not to give up until all five men are swinging from the end of a rope…

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