An outlaw with a conscience…

The Coulter gang are making a name for themselves by robbing banks all over the wild west.

Sam Coulter is the head of the gang – a big man with an even bigger reputation.

Along for the ride, rather reluctantly, is Frank Palmer, a young man Sam took in when his family was killed during the Civil War.

Frank thinks there is more to life than robbing banks, but he’s beholden to Sam.

The gang is on the run after their latest bank robbery when they stumble on a horrific scene.

A tribe of Indians have been massacred, their bodies left to rot in the hot sun.

As Frank looks for survivors, he hears a baby cry.

Not wanting to abandon it to certain death, he leaves the gang, promising to meet up with them in Reno after he finds an orphanage.

A few miles away he finds a wagon train, and meets the Reverend Adkins and his family.

Frank thinks he will drop the baby with the family and leave, but then he meets Lisa Adkins and everything changes.
He changes his name to Mark Cross, unsure what to do next.

That decision is quickly made for him when the wagon train comes under attack and, determined to keep Lisa and the baby safe, Frank springs into action.

But actions speak louder than words, and Reverend Adkins grows suspicious of the young man who is so handy with a gun.

How long before Frank’s true identity is revealed…?

Redemption is a classic tale set in the old west and is the first book in the Frank Palmer Series.

Praise for Stephen Wilson

“A classic wild west adventure series” – Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off

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