Outlaws of the Desert

Books 1-3 in Martyn C Marais’ action-packed The Bounty Hunters series are now available in this special collective edition.

The Bounty Hunters

Trouble is brewing in Wellhead town…

Michael ‘Tidy’ Callaghan isn’t your average bounty hunter.

No, Tidy is a stand-up fella whose job is to catch those filthy varmints so he can get just a bit of gold dust in return.

On arriving at Wellhead, Tidy’s well-trained nose picks up that there might be some trouble brewing around these parts, and decides that he may as well stick around the one-horse town a bit longer.

Soon enough, his cousin-cum-ex-partner Scully arrives on the scene, disguised as a priest and clearly up to no good.

But it’s clear that Scully doesn’t want Tidy sniffing about.

Then Tidy encounters Brett Maverick, a fake name if ever he saw one, casing the bank and alarms bells start ringing.

With the cattle market coming to down in just two days, the bank will be brimming with cash.

Can Scully and Tidy forget their troubled past and join forces, or is Scully mixed up in the same business as Maverick…?

The Rendezvous

The Bounty Hunters are back…

Following a run in with his former partner Tidy, Scully O’Sullivan awaits his bounty hunter family in the town of Wellhead.

They have information that the notorious Parker Gang are plotting on robbing the local bank, using the cover of the local cattle market to blend in.

It’s common knowledge that the bank will be awash with money after the week long cattle market, but Scully plans to catch them, dead or alive.

However, when the Parkers learn that one of their number was shot by Tidy before he left town, the gang arrive in Wellhead looking for revenge.

And when gun-wielding Mary arrives on the scene, it’s certain that a showdown is looming and it’s going to be one hell of a fight.

Will Scully and his band be able to survive the Parker’s bloodlust?

And will Tidy return before it is too late…?

Deadly Reprisal

Justice from the barrel of a gun…

Mary Elizabeth Doyle has gotten on the wrong side of Billy Parker, crack-shot member of the outlawed Parker Gang.

Having won his confidence when he paid for her services in the town of Dodge, Mary learned of Billy’s plans to raid nearby Wellhead and rob the local bank.

Unable to sit back and let such injustice occur, Mary tells Billy’s secret to a group of Irish bounty hunters, led by the charismatic and charming Tom Callaghan.

And now Billy is out for revenge, determined to hunt down the woman he knows as Hermione – the woman who betrayed him.

After Mary escapes Dodge with the bounty hunters, Billy and the rest of the Parker Gang set off in hot pursuit of her.

But whilst no one in Wellhead knows anyone by the name of Hermione, a striking new woman has been spotted stirring mutiny at the town’s bordello.

Misleading the town’s gullible Sheriff Lawton by laying false tracks towards the mountains, the Parker Gang enter the town unnoticed, unchallenged, and with murder on their minds…

Praise for Martyn C Marais

“A rip-roaring western full of action and adventure” – Tom Casey, bestselling author of Trade Off


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