Hardcase Law

Link Latimer is a robber and a gunman, and there’s no one he hates more than a cold-blooded killer.

He became an outlaw in his teens, when his entire family were murdered and he had no one left.

Now on the run from the law, he meets Aggie Porter in the clutches of a killer and helps her out when he hears that her father and brother have just been murdered in cold blood.

Involving himself in a local range take-over, he comes up against old acquaintance Colley Rand, a top gunslinger working for the opposition.

Acting against his better judgement, Latimer wages a one-man war against the troublemakers, killing the hardcases sent against him.

He hears that Kenton Stott, owner of the might KS ranch, is responsible for the trouble, but when he moves in he discovers that the situation is not all that it seems.

Bullets fly and gunsmoke drifts before the root of the trouble is forced into the open in this thrilling Western.

Praise for Neil Webb

‘Transports you right back to the old west – fantastic!’ – Tom Casey, bestselling author of Trade Off

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