Gunman’s Legacy

“One foot in heaven and one in hell,” thought Tidy.

Scully and Tidy are back – and this time, they’re not pulling any punches.

Major Sebastian Farrell, a Texas ranger, is on the hunt for a man named Scully.

It’s an all-out manhunt – Scully has been accused of murder.

His supposed victims? His beloved Catherine and his love rival, Anthony Durant.

But those who know Scully are adamant: he may be a bounty hunter, but one thing he’d never do is murder someone in cold blood.

Especially not Catherine.

Torn apart by her brutal murder, he turns to alcohol to staunch his pain.

When his drinking starts to get out of control, a rift develops between him and his former partner, Tidy.

But his pain is far from over. When their old foes the Parker Gang re-enter the mix, lives both innocent and guilty are lost.

With Farrell on his tail and nothing left to live for, a man in Scully’s position would be forgiven for staying downhearted.

But Scully may surprise you.

In a time of gun wielding cowboys and outlaws, and bodies regularly turning up, justice is not always clear cut or easy to come by…

Gunman’s Legacy is the latest instalment of Martyn C. Marais’ Bounty Hunter series.

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