Gun Brothers

Ben Stark and Vince Peters are gunfighters by trade.

Nothing could separate them.

Until they arrive in the small cow-town of Trail’s End and Stark falls for the reverend’s daughter, Rachael Owens.

With their paths beginning to split, Stark finds himself elected marshal of the town – while Peters turns down the role of deputy, choosing to ride on alone with a bitter chip on his shoulder.

Campaigning to secure peace in Trail’s End, Stark orders all guns to be laid down.

It takes a while, but he begins to gain the respect and even a little admiration from the local cow-hands.

With the exception of one man.

Jerry Waldo is the self-styled boss of Trail’s End and Stark’s rival for Rachael’s affections. He makes it his sole adjective to run Stark out of town – by any means possible.

Waldo knows just who to call: Stark’s former friend, Vince Peters.

Hurt by the betrayal of his only friend, Peters has become an outlaw and mean killer.

And when Stark and Peters finally meet in a brutal showdown, it’s not as Gun Brothers – but as outlaw and lawman.

Praise for SJ Bounds

‘A rip-roaring western full of action and adventure’ – Tom Casey, bestselling author of Trade Off

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