Double Decker

A chance to start again…

Jeff Decker had hoped to leave his old life as a gunman – and the name Double Decker – back in Texas.

Hoping for a fresh start and a quiet life, Decker agrees to transport a bull to the Buckster Ranch in California, where he is quickly offered work.

However, Decker soon learns that all this may be too good to be true. Someone wanted him at the ranch, and went to great efforts to do it.

The ranch has been dealing with nesters staking land for homesteads, which is also interfering with the vital water supply.

On top of that, Decker must deal with ranch gunhand Brownie, who is determined to get rid of the nesters by any means, and has plans of his own the Buckster spread.

Decker soon finds that he cannot escape his past, and must once again take up arms to keep the peace and stay alive.
Double Decker must ride again.

Praise for Richard Wormser

‘Realistically told… carefully controlled, fast paced’ – Kirkus Reviews

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